Dental Exams

A Complete Dental Exam From Delaware Smile Center

Your oral health is important, and with proper preventative care, we can help you enjoy your smile for the rest of your life. When you come to Delaware Smile Center for a complete dental exam, you’ll be getting more than your typical dental check-up. With a full examination that includes your joints, gums, teeth, bite and soft tissues, we’ll determine your oral health care needs so we can begin a plan that will keep your mouth healthy now and in the long run.

Why Are Comprehensive Exams Necessary?

Comprehensive dental exams are necessary for keeping you in the best health possible. Did you know there are health issues that begin to show signs in the mouth before they appear anywhere else? Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and other similar conditions often start to show their first signs in the mouth, and our dentists or hygienists can discover those signs and refer you to a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. You will get a jumpstart on treatment, so dealing with it will be more manageable in the future.

Another reason to get a complete exam is that our dentists can get to know you, your mouth, and how healthy you are. This will give us a chance to offer oral health care tips, as well as to detect diseases or other oral problems before they become bigger concerns. Most oral health care problems are easier to treat when spotted early.

What Is Involved in the Exam? When you visit our office for a complete dental exam, there are some things we’ll do differently than when you get a regular exam. The following can help us help you.

  • Going over a written record of your dental and medical history. This includes a list of any medications you recently took, as well as any you are currently taking.
  • Discussing your oral hygiene habits and recommending areas where you can improve.
  • Completing an oral cancer screening. The doctor will do this by looking at your lips, tongue and inside your cheeks, and may also feel your lymph nodes with his or her fingers.
  • Performing a tooth-by-tooth check. This helps us determine if you have any cavities beginning to form, cracks, chips or missing teeth. It also helps us understand what prior treatments you have had, as well as the condition of any fillings, crowns or other previous dental work.
  • Checking for periodontal disease with a thorough gum assessment.
  • Taking a series of x-rays that will look at the condition of your teeth, as well as your jaw and other surrounding bones.
  • Completing an occlusal exam. This gives us an idea of whether you have problems with your jaw, have particularly worn teeth or are dealing with bite problems.
  • Evaluating the aesthetics of your smile to see if you could benefit from cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening or other similar procedures. We may also recommend orthodontic treatment.

If you have bridges or dentures, this type of exam is just as important as if you still had your natural teeth. The dentist will check to make sure your prosthetic replacements fit properly, and if there are adjustments that need to be made or if you require new replacements.

What Happens Next?

Following your complete dental exam, our dentist will recommend a course of action if there are steps that need to be made. We will discuss with you the risks you face, as well as what preventative measures you can take to reduce the risks. If you have certain considerable risks, such as those of gum disease or tooth decay, the dentist may recommend regular dentist visits, but if you have everything under control, we may just ask to see you at your regular twice-yearly appointments.

If there is further treatment that needs to be done, your dentist will discuss those needs with you as well. This might include having a filling or crown placed, pulling a tooth, getting braces, or being fitted for Invisalign.

Getting Started

Starting your complete dental exam right away is essential to good oral health and hygiene. Whether you’ve noticed issues with your teeth, you haven’t been to the dentist for a while or you want our dentists to take a deeper look, contact Delaware Smile Center today to get started with a comprehensive exam. As a significant part of our dental team, your oral health is important to us. Call us today at (302) 231-3051 to schedule your appointment, or fill in our online form and we’ll get in touch at a time that’s convenient for you.

We look forward to helping you gain more confidence in that amazing smile!