One of the qualities that defines a healthy smile is straight teeth that are properly aligned and free from crowding or spacing. Although orthodontic care is an important part of your oral healthcare (and your overall healthcare), most dental offices require you to see a specialist in another office. What if you could get both your general dental care and your orthodontic care in the same office?

At Delaware Smile Center, you can. We are the only general dentistry office in Middletown, Delaware, that has an orthodontist right here in our office. Dr. Sophia Usmani is a gentle, talented, and experienced orthodontist who can treat even the most challenging cases and works with the other providers at Delaware Smile Center to give you all the dental care you need under one roof.

Why Orthodontic Care Matters

When you think of orthodontic care, do you think of an awkward teenager with a mouthful of braces? For many people, the thought of orthodontics and fixing crooked teeth ends the day they turn 21, but the truth is that orthodontic care can happen (and should happen) at any age. Even if you never needed braces as a child, your teeth may shift as you grow older, and you may find yourself in need of orthodontic treatment.

Crooked teeth are a big deal. While most people are concerned about the alignment of their teeth from a purely cosmetic standpoint, crooked and misaligned teeth can create a number of problems that can have a significant impact on your dental and overall health.

When your teeth are turned or not placed correctly, they are difficult to clean properly. Crooked teeth make it difficult for you to reach all the surfaces of your teeth with your toothbrush, which can lead to cavities and decay. Crowded teeth make it difficult to floss with good technique and your risk of periodontal (gum) disease increases. When your teeth are spaced too far apart, it’s easy for food to get stuck in the gaps and become difficult to dislodge. While the food is stuck, bacteria and acid can grow and lead to bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Gum disease and other oral problems have been linked to serious health conditions like atherosclerosis, diabetes, and reproductive difficulties.

If your teeth are misaligned or you have an overbite, under bite, or cross bite, pressure is being put on your teeth in ways they aren’t designed to accommodate. This can lead to tooth pain, jaw pain, chipping, cracking, or loose teeth. Eventually, your teeth may break or you may lose them.

How Does Orthodontics Help?

Orthodontic technology has come a long way in the past few years. Straightening your teeth no longer means years of metal braces and wires. Dr. Sophia Usmani will discuss your options with you, which may include clear, tooth-colored braces and Invisalign. These systems gently but effectively move your teeth into their correct positions using less force and taking less time than previous orthodontic options. In the meantime, you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle or your mature, professional appearance.

How Do I Contact Your Office?

To find out more about orthodontics or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sophia Usmani, please call Delaware Smile Center at (302) 231-3051 today. For your convenience, you can also contact us online